Water Filling Stations

You can get municipally treated drinking water for free at four filling stations in the City of Greater Sudbury. Just bring your own containers and fill them up!

Water filling station

Residential Water Filling Station Locations

  • Bay Street in Whitefish
  • Countryside Drive in Sudbury, near the Gerry McCrory Countryside Sports Complex
  • Bancroft Drive in Sudbury, near Moonlight Beach Road
  • Spruce Street in Garson

Bulk Water Filling Stations

You can purchase water in bulk quantities from pre-paid filling stations. This service is available to residents and businesses.

How to Get Started

  • Call (705)674-4455 ext 3600 to set up an appointment to:
    • set up an account,
    • purchase new bulk water cards, or
    • make payments in person.
  • A bulk water filling card gains you access to the bulk water stations listed below.

Bulk Water Fees

  • $50 to set up your account and for a filling card
  • $3.17 per cubic meter for water
  • $20 to replace a prepaid filling card

Bulk Water Filling Station Locations

  • Black Lake Depot: 25 Black Lake Lively, ON
  • Suez Depot: Just past 5081 Capreol Rd. (Regional Rd. 84) Hanmer, ON
  • Northwest (Rayside) Depot: 101 Radisson Ave. Chelmsford, ON
  • St. Clair Depot: 733 St. Clair St. Sudbury
  • Frobisher Depot: 1800 Frobisher St. Sudbury

For more information call 705 674-4455, extension 3600 during regular business hours.