Garbage and Recycling

A variety of fruits and vegetables scraps to be composted.


Join our Green Cart Program and turn your organic waste into compost! 

A pile of torn up wood and drywall.

Construction and Renovation

Learn what to do with construction and renovation waste.

Educational Resources

Teach students to value the environment using our educational resources.

Every Other Week

 Use the online tool to view or print a personalized waste collection calendar for your address.

Furniture and Appliances

Get roadside pick-up of furniture and appliances.

Garbage Collection

Get information on the garbage limit, garbage bag tags, special programs and more!

Six batteries four laying down two standing up.

Household Hazardous Waste

Learn how to safely dispose of household hazardous waste.

How to Reduce Waste

Learn how to keep unnecessary items from our landfills.

A van with a trailer filled with shrubs going to the landfill.

Landfill and Transfer Stations

Find landfill locations and hours, what you can bring to the landfill and what it costs.

Leaf and Yard Trimmings

Get roadside pick-up of leaf and yard trimmings.

A person wearing yellow gloves picking up garbage from the grass.

Litter Clean Up Programs

Did you know we operate clean up programs around the city? Learn more.

Pick Up Schedule

Find out what day your garbage, recycling, green cart and leaf and yard trimmings get picked up.

Prevent Wildlife

Help keep bears and other wildlife out of your garbage, recycling and Green Cart.


Find out what's recyclable, how to recycle at home and work and how to get a blue box.

Reports and Publications

See our annual reports, long-term waste diversion plans and more.

Waste Wise

Use our Waste Wise tool or download the Waste Wise App to get your pick up schedule and find out what goes in the garbage, recycling or compost!