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We are responsible for the planning, design, approvals, and operation of all solid waste landfills, including leachate and gas collection systems; operation of landfill diversion programs (tires, appliances, electronic waste, etc.) and the administration of landfill tipping fees.

We are also responsible for the collection of solid waste (garbage); collection of leaf and yard trimmings and Green Cart organics; collection, processing, and marketing of blue box recyclables; collection and disposal of household hazardous waste; provision of backyard composters and all centralized composting activities of the City and the promotion and education of all 3R's (reduce, reuse, recycling) activities.

We manage clean-up initiatives, such as Adopt-a-Road, Adopt-a-Spot, Adopt-a-Bin, anti-litter awareness and education, Derelict Motor Vehicle Removal & Recycling Program, Annual Clean-up Blitz, and 20-minute makeover.


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