Current Projects

Brady Green Stairs

Learn more about the Brady Green Stairs, a project of the Downtown Sudbury Master Plan.

Elgin Street Greenway

Learn more about Phase One of the Elgin Street Greenway, a project of the Downtown Sudbury Master Plan.

Large Projects

Learn more about the Arena and Event Centre, the Place des arts and the Junction (Library Art Gallery and Convention and Performance Centre).

Maley Drive

Get updates on the Maley Drive Extension project.

PowerNow Greater Sudbury

Learn about this community-wide planning project to create Greater Sudbury’s local, clean energy future.

Smart Cities Challenge

See our submission for the Smart Cities Challenge, issued by the Government of Canada.

Tom Davies Square Redesign

Learn more about the construction being done in the courtyard of Tom Davies Square.

Transit Action Plan

See what we’re doing to improve Greater Sudbury Transit.

Watershed Studies

Learn more about studies being done to assess the health of our watersheds.