Watershed Study

Greater Sudbury has 330 lakes within 25 watersheds that drain into Lake Huron. Protection of our watersheds is identified as a priority of the City of Greater Sudbury’s Official Plan.

The City of Greater Sudbury will complete studies to assess the health and make recommendations for the care of several area watersheds with financial support through the Ontario Ministry of Environment and Climate Change.

The studies seek feedback from local residents on findings and proposed mitigation strategies. All public comments will be compiled and considered to develop recommendations for best management practices to reduce erosion, prevent flooding and improve water quality.

The City of Greater Sudbury thanks all residents who have participated in area Subwatershed Studies to date.

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Stormwater Background Study

Stormwater Background Study -January 2006 (PDF 2.5 MB)

Ramsey Lake Subwatershed Study and Master Plan

Ramsey Lake Subwatershed Study and Master Plan - Phase 2 Report February 2022 (PDF, 210 MB)

phase 2 - March 2020

Algonquin Road Watershed Stormwater Management

EA Study

Junction Creek Watershed Study

Junction Creek Subwatershed Study and Stormwater Master Plan- Final Report December 2019 (PDF, 8.28 MB)