Planning and Development

picture of overhead shot of Paris Street

Mandate of the Planning Services Division

Mandate of the Planning Services Division : to ensure the City of Greater Sudbury is planned and developed in a manner which expresses the goals of its residents as defined in its official and corporate strategic plans by employing good planning and development principles necessary for an enjoyable and beautiful community in which to live, work, play and shop; to foster community development at community, neighbourhood and individual project levels.

Mandate of the Planning Committee

Mandate of the Planning Committee : The Planning Committee shall hear matters and make decisions regarding issues dealing with the disposition of surplus municipal lands, street name approvals, street name changes - building renumbering, road and lane closures, disposition or opening of footpaths, matters involving heritage designations, land use issues including land acquisitions and expropriations, and except where otherwise provided either in this by-law (Rules of Procedure By-Law 2002-202) or the Municipal Act, all hearings which are subject to or governed by the provisions of the Statutory Powers Procedures Act, including business and taxicab licensing matters.

Planning Services

There are a number of services within the Growth & Development Department available to you. 

Committee of Adjustment

Community & Strategic Planning

Consent Official

Development Approvals

GIS, Surveys & Mapping

Site Plan Control

Environmental Initiatives