Start a Planning Application

If you are submitting a planning application, your first step, depending on the type of application, is to complete an application for pre-consultation.

Types of Planning Applications

Other Applications and Plans Processed in Planning Services

Building in a Vulnerable Source Water Area

The source water protection plan affects City processes such as planning approvals and building code permits.You will need to submit a Section 59 Notice and get approval from the Risk Management Office before a building permit is issued if the proposed construction is in a vulnerable source water area.

Building in Areas Regulated by Conservation Sudbury (Nickel District Conservation Authority)

Conservation Sudbury (Nickel District Conservation Authority or NDCA) regulates construction in floodplains, alteration to shorelines, watercourses and wetlands and development on lands regulated by the Conservation Authorities Act.  You may need a permit from Conservation Sudbury if you are filling or constructing buildings in areas that are subject to their regulations.