Land Severance (Consent)

Land Severance is often known by the term “consent.” This term is used in provincial planning legislation to describe the approval required to subdivide land.

Examples of cases where consent would be required include (but are not limited to):

  • The division or severance of a single lot or parcel of land into two or more parcels or lots.
  • Adding to a lot, making it larger than its current size.
  • Getting a right-of-way over an adjacent property for access.

Consent Official

City Council has appointed a Consent Official who is responsible for approving consent applications for:

  • the creation of a new lot,
  • lot boundary adjustments between adjacent properties,
  • the creation of an easement/right-of-way,
  • granting a long term lease for 21 years or more.

How to Submit a Consent Application

Step One

We strongly recommend that you discuss your proposal with Planning Services staff before submitting an application. We can help to identify any issues and give you more information.

Step Two

Submit your application to:

Office of the Consent Official,
Growth & Development Department,
3rd Floor, Tom Davies Square
200 Brady Street
Sudbury, P3A 5P3

If you have questions call us at 705-674-4455, extension 4376 or 4346.

Consent Application Fee

  • See a list of our fees (PDF,19 KB)
  • You may also have to pay a fee if input from Public Health Sudbury & Districts is required. This only applies to properties that do not have municipal sewer service.

Consent Application Approval Process

1. Once you submit your application it will be sent to relevant City departments and other agencies for review.

2. The legal notice of your application will appear in the newspaper with a deadline for comments on the application.  For proposed consent applications that are larger in scale or may affect adjoining properties, a courtesy notice may also be mailed to property owners within a 60 metre (approximate 200 foot) radius of your property.

3. Following the circulation period, all comments from the public, City departments and agencies will be reviewed and considered by the Consent Official who will decide whether to approve the application.  There is no public hearing held on the consent application.

4. The Consent Official will provide a notice to you of their decision which will include the conditions of the provisional consent approval that must be satisfied within a two year time period. Failure to satisfy all of the conditions within two years means the consent lapses and no refund of fees are granted.

5. If you application is denied, you have 20 days to file an appeal to the Ontario Land Tribunal (OLT).  The due date for filing the appeal will be stated in the notice. Decisions may only be appealed by the applicant, the Minister, a specified person or any public body.

6. If your application is approved, you will be provided with a guide that details the steps you need to take to clear the conditions and register the creation of the lot.