Service, compassion, respect:

City of Greater Sudbury Cemetery Services is responsible for preserving 24 cemeteries in perpetuity on behalf of the community. We take pride in sustaining the beauty and dignity of our cemeteries, and we recognize the important contributions of individuals and families in the ongoing maintenance of cemetery grounds.

Anglican Cemetery

375 Regent Street, Sudbury

Beaver Lake Cemetery

21 Salo Road, Beaver Lake

Blezard Valley Cemetery

2770 Main Street, Blezard Valley

Capreol Cemetery

151 Hanna Avenue, Capreol

Chelmsford Protestant Cemetery

3251 Highway 144, Chelmsford

Civic Memorial

365 Second Avenue North, Sudbury

Coniston Cemetery

Access off of Barbe Street, Coniston

Eyre Cemetery

385 Regent Street, Sudbury

Good Shepherd Cemetery

139 Skead Road, Garson

Grassy Lake Road Cemetery

732 Grassy Lake Road, Whitefish

Lasalle Cemetery

390 Lasalle Boulevard, Sudbury

Long Lake Cemetery

Off of Long Lake Road, Sudbury

Maplecrest Cemetery

595 Simmons Road, Dowling

McFarlane Cemetery

2780 Algonquin Road, Sudbury

Ruff Pioneer Cemetery

Off of Goodwill Road, Garson

St. Jacques Cemetery

50 Cote Street, Hanmer

St. John's Cemetery

34 Garson-Coniston Road, Garson

St. Joseph Cemetery

4533 Municipal Road 15, Chelmsford

St. Stanislaus Cemetery

350 Municipal Road 55, Lively

Valley East Cemetery

170 Gravel Drive, Hanmer

Wahnapitae Catholic Cemetery

55 Colonization Road, Wahnapitae

Wahnapitae Public Cemetery

Savard Road, Wahnapitae

Waters Cemetery

96 White Road, Lively

Whitefish Catholic Cemetery

145 Bay Street, Whitefish

Whitefish Public Cemetery

5015 Municipal Road 55, Whitefish