Landfill and Transfer Stations

Landfill and Transfer Stations

The City of Greater Sudbury has three landfill sites and one transfer station.

Our landfills include waste landfill diversion areas where you can drop off recyclable items. You must place items in the proper area (for example cardboard in the cardboard recycling bin).

Landfill locations

  • Sudbury Landfill and Waste Diversion Site: 2870 Kingsway, Sudbury.
  • Hanmer (Valley East) Landfill and Waste Diversion Site: 900 Sanitary Landfill Rd., off Gravel Drive, Hanmer.
  • Azilda (Rayside-Balfour) Landfill and Waste Diversion Site: off Highway 144 on Montee Rouleau, Azilda.

Transfer site location

Our transfer site is not a landfill. You can bring small amounts of household waste to be disposed of in our bins for a fee. You can also drop off recyclables to this location. The items we receive at our transfer site are sorted and sent to other areas for re-use, recycling or proper disposal.

  • Walden Small Vehicle Transfer Site - 120 McCharles Lake Road off Old Highway 17 West.