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On September 29, 2010 the Council for the City of Greater Sudbury enacted Zoning By-law 2010-100Z which replaces the eight Zoning By-laws in the City, six of which are By-laws for areas in the former Region of Sudbury and two By-laws that covered lands in Townships that were amalgamated into the City in 2001.

No appeals to the Ontario Municipal Board were filed with the City Clerk by October 26, 2010 and as such in accordance with the Planning Act R.S.O. 1990, cP13, By-law 2010-100Z is deemed to have come into force on the day it was passed by Council on  September 29, 2010.
The Zone Maps for By-law 2010-100Z can be accessed here. The zone maps are divided by township, then by north and south townships at 1:25,000 scale.  On the 1:25,000 scale maps there may also be more detailed inset maps at 1:5,000 scale which will also need to be clicked on in order to be viewed.

• Schedule A1 (pdf, 0.5MB) - Ramsey Lake Watershed Boundary

 By-law 2010-100Z (pdf, 3.2 MB) Zones all of the City of Greater Sudbury

• By-law 2010-100Z Illustrations: Part I (pdf, 8.7 MB) & Part II (pdf, 7.5 MB)

• Appendix 1 (pdf, 0.2 MB) Minimum Distance Separation Formulae

• Appendix 2 (pdf, 0.1 MB) Arterial Roads Classification

Note: To assist the user in finding properties, addresses have been added to the zone maps in By-law 2010-100Z.  These addresses do not form part of the original Schedule 'A” zone maps to the By-law.

Former Zoning By-laws

The Zoning By-laws which have been replaced by By-law 2010-100Z are as follows:

• By-law 95-500Z, City of Sudbury
• By-law 83-300, Towns of Valley East and Onaping Falls
• By-law 83-301, Town of Capreol
• By-law 83-302, Town of Rayside Balfour
• By-law 83-303, Town of Walden
• By-law 83-304, Town of Nickel Centre
• By-law 2001-24Z Townships of Cleland, Scadding, Parts of Dryden and Dill
• By-law 2001-25Z Townships of Parkin, Aylmer, MacKelcan and Rathbun

Note: The eight Zoning By-laws listed above, are no longer in effect. These By-laws can still be accessed from here: Former Zoning By-laws.