The City of Greater Sudbury’s Zoning By-law 2010-100Z, establishes and regulates the use of land by implementing the policies of the City’s Official Plan. The Zoning By-law provides the City with the legally enforceable means of regulating land use, scale and intensity of development. 

Zoning protects areas from incompatible land uses and establishes standards for development.  Zoning by-laws contain specific provisions for:

  • how high buildings can be built
  • setbacks from property lines
  • the amount of parking required for specific uses, along with other matters.

Zoning By-law

The City of Greater Sudbury’s Zoning By-law 2010-100Z came into effect on September 29, 2010.  It contains several zones for land uses such as residential, industrial, commercial, rural and other zones.   For each zone there are provisions that control the location, scale and form of land uses. 

Zoning By-law Map

We have replaced the PDF zone maps on our website with a new interactive Zoning Map. Search by street address!

For accuracy, please use the new interactive Zoning Map. Older PDF zoning maps are outdated.

Please Note:  In any situation where the official printed publication of the City of Greater Sudbury differ from the text presented on this website, the official printed publication shall take precedence.