Water and Wastewater Services

The City of Greater Sudbury is dedicated to the supply and delivery of high quality drinking water and to the effective collection and treatment of wastewater to meet the current and future needs of our community. As one of our most precious resources, we are committed to working with our residents and partners to protect water in all of its forms.

Basement Flooding and Preventative Plumbing

Learn how you can reduce basement flooding with our Residential Inflow and Infiltration Subsidy Program 

Drinking Water Quality

Learn more about Greater Sudbury's drinking water

Frozen Water Pipes

Find out what to do if you think your water pipes are frozen

Projects, Plans, Reports and Presentations

Read about our water and wastewater projects, plans, reports and presentations

Recreational Vehicle Dumping Stations

See where you can empty your recreational vehicle's wastewater tank

Sewer Backups

Find out how to prevent sewer backups and what to do if you have one

Sewer Use By-law

Read about the City of Greater Sudbury's Sewer Use By-law

Source Water Protection

See what you need to do to protect our source water if you are building or developing in a vulnerable area

Storm Water

Learn how to keep our wastewater treatment systems from being overwhelmed by storm water

Water Buggy

Our H2O to Go Water Buggy is a mobile water distribution system that you can rent for local events during the summer.

Water Filling Stations

Get free municipal drinking water at our residential water filling stations or buy water in bulk at our bulk water filling stations

Water Information for Property Owners

Learn about water meters, curb stops and common property-related water information

Water Service Disruptions

Find out how to stay informed about water main maintenance and water main breaks

Your Water Bill

Learn more about your water bill and tips to reduce it