Drinking Water Quality Management System

The Drinking Water Quality Management Standard (DWQMS)

The DWQMS sets out a framework for the operating authority and the owner of a drinking water system to develop a QMS that is relevant and appropriate for the system.  

Quality Management System Policy

The City of Greater Sudbury is committed to providing safe drinking water to the consumers that complies with all applicable legislation and regulations, while continuing to improve and maintain the Quality Management System.

The purpose of the DWQMS is to:

  • establish policy and objectives and achieve those objectives, and 
  • direct and control an organization with regard to quality. 

The DWQMS contains elements of both the ISO 9001 standard with respect to management systems and the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) standard with respect to product safety. The standard also incorporates the HACCP approach to risk assessment and reflects the multi-barrier approach for drinking water safety. 

The DWQMS approach emphasizes the importance of: 

  • a proactive and preventative approach to management strategies that identify and manage risks to public health, 
  • establishing and documenting management procedures, 
  • clearly identifying roles and responsibilities, and 
  • continual improvement of your management system. 

The Operational Plan(s)

Operational plans are the written documentation of the operating authority’s QMS developed for a ‘subject system’ to meet the requirements of the Drinking Water Quality Management Standard.   

Operational Plans are made available upon request. 

The City owns six Drinking Water Systems and is the Operating Authority for eight Drinking Water Systems. Therefore, two Operational Plans are currently available for public view upon request. One Operational Plan covers the "subject systems' Owned and Operated by the City, and the other Operational Plan covers the Markstay and Warren Systems, which are Owned by The Municipality of Markstay-Warren. 

Please call 705-674-4455 ext. 3600 during regular business hours to submit a request. 

The City Owns and is the Operating Authority:

  1. Sudbury Drinking Water System
  2. Falconbridge Drinking Water System
  3. Valley Drinking Water System
  4. Dowling Drinking Water System
  5. Onaping/Levack Drinking Water System
  6. Vermilion Distribution System

The City is the Operating Authority:

  1. Markstay Distribution System, and
  2. Warren Drinking Water System