Recreational Vehicle Dumping Stations

Notice regarding Recreational Vehicle Dumping Stations

The Sudbury Wastewater Treatment Plant, 1271 Kelly Lake Road, is now open to recreational vehicles for dumping of tanks. The facility is open seven days a week, 24 hrs/day. Call 705-674-4455, ext. 4822 for any questions.

The Valley East Treatment Plant and Chelmsford Water Pollution Control Plant are closed to recreational vehicles until further notice.

Safety Tips

  • If you have any issues please call 311 and ask to speak to the Wastewater Overall Responsible Operator (ORO).
  • Only exit your vehicle if you are dumping the recreational vehicle (RV) tank. You must monitor the tank dump the entire time it is emptying.
  • Non-drinkable flushing water is provided as weather permits. During cold weather the water is turned off.
  • Please ensure only toilet and sink/shower waste is dumped into the wastewater system. A minimal amount of toilet waste deodorizer is allowed.
  • Never dump items harmful to the wastewater treatment process such as toxic chemicals, fats/oils and greases, flushable wipes or other debris not considered human waste.

Your cooperation in protecting our plant and the environment is appreciated!