Conservation Areas and Trails


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Important Information

- Some waterfront washroom facilities will be open to the public from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily, beginning Friday, June 26. Locations include Bell Park Main Beach, Capreol Public Beach (portable washrooms), Kalmo Beach, Meatbird Lake Park, Moonlight Beach, Nepawhin Lake Park and Whitewater Lake Park.

- Work is underway to prepare the City’s 14 splash pads for reopening. The regular opening of splash pads for the summer season takes up to three weeks. All splash pads are expected to be open by June 26, 2020. 

- Local sports association teams will be permitted to book artificial play fields at James Jerome Sports Complex (soccer) and Terry Fox Sports Complex (baseball) beginning the week of June 29. As mandated under provincial orders, fields can only be used for training or instructional sessions, which adhere to physical distancing and group sizes of no more than 10. No scrimmages or games are permitted.

- Parks, beaches, trails, sports fields and other recreational areas and open spaces will be maintained to ensure public safety, however services may be delayed. This means grass cutting, garbage cleanup and other general maintenance activities may take longer than usual.

-No lifeguard supervision will be available at municipal beaches. Rescue equipment will be placed at beaches, however, residents who choose to swim will do so at their own risk.  Daily inspections such as water safety checks will not occur.  

- All City-run summer camps and programs are cancelled, including neighbourhood association day camps.

Safety Reminders

- As of June 12, the permitted size for a social gathering has increased from five people to 10. Physical distancing rules remain in effect and residents must stay two metres away from people who are not part of their household or social circle. To report violations, call 311.

- City by-law officers and contracted security will patrol the use of municipal spaces, and signage will be in place to remind users of rules. 

- Where there are concerns that people are not practising physical distancing, or where the number of users creates a situation where it is not manageable, the City will further review and implement changes. 

- Please remember that Public Health recommends you wear a non-medical mask as an added step to protect others when physical distancing is challenging or not possible, even if you have no symptoms of COVID-19.

Here's a breakdown of what you can and can't do at municipal parks:

At the park, can I . . . Answer Note
garden in a community garden? Yes Access to the gardens is limited to registered garden members, staff and volunteers, and people are to enter for planting, maintenance and harvesting only.
go for a walk, run, hike or bike ride? Yes

All trails and open spaces are open. Residents are reminded to practice physical distancing.

sit on a bench? Yes Residents may also use park benches, picnic tables, shelters and gazebos. These amenities are not sanitized. Users are reminded to wash their hands well after use.
visit an off-leash dog park? Yes The Minnow Lake Dog Park and Azilda Dog Park are open from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. daily. Residents are reminded to practice physical distancing.
play basketball? Yes Outdoor basketball courts are open.
play Pickleball or Tennis? Yes Outdoor tennis and pickleball courts are open. Users must keep two metres away from people who are not part of their household or social circle.
use a Skate or BMX Park? Yes Skate and BMX parks are open. Park equipment is not sanitized. Users are reminded to wash their hands well after use.
play baseball or soccer? Sort of  Baseball and soccer fields are open. Use of play fields is restricted to gatherings of ten or less and users must keep two metres away from people who are not part of their household or social circle. League play and scrimmages are not permitted.
play Disk Golf? Yes The Selkirk Disc Golf facility is open.
have a picnic? Yes Picnic tables, like park benches, are not sanitized. Users are reminded to wash their hands well after use.
go for a paddle in my canoe? Yes People can boat, kayak, and canoe, and go fishing with a license.
have a picnic with my family, and our friends and their kids? No Currently, only members of a single household or social circle can sit in the park. Social distancing of two metres between people who are not from the same household or social circle is still required.
use playground equipment or outdoor fitness equipment No Under the Province’s emergency orders, play equipment, play structures and outdoor fitness remain closed until further notice.
access washrooms or a fieldhouse at a park or playground? No Under the Province’s emergency orders indoor recreational amenities remained closed until further notice.  Residents are reminded that washroom facilities at parks remain closed.
play in a splash pad? Sort of All splash pads are expected to be open by June 26, 2020. These amenities are not sanitized and users are reminded to wash or sanitize their hands well before and after use, and maintain a distance of two metres from others.



Conservation Areas and Trails

Greater Sudbury is a nature-lovers paradise year-round. Explore the conservation area and immerse yourself in the beauty of the Canadian Shield and our boreal forests.

If you are looking for adventure, amazing scenery and a good workout check out our many hiking and cross-country ski trails. There are multiple trails in throughout the community for all levels of ability. 

Check out the Rainbow Routes website for more information on hiking trails, trail maps, and guided hikes. Most recreational trails are maintained from May 1 to October 31.

You can also pick up trail maps at Citizen Service Centres, Greater Sudbury Public Library branches, local sports stores and tourism brochure racks throughout the city.