Automated Speed Enforcement (ASE)

Automated Speed Enforcement (ASE)

Automated Speed Enforcement (ASE) is an automated system that uses a camera and a speed measurement device to detect and capture images of vehicles travelling in excess of the posted speed limit.

Once the cameras are active, motorists photographed speeding through these areas will get a ticket. Like speeding tickets issued by police officers, the fine amount will be based on how much the driver was exceeding the posted speed limit. As the offence occurred in a community safety zone, the fine will be doubled – even if it occurred outside of school hours. Tickets are mailed to the registered plate owner of the vehicle within 30 days. 

Similar to the red-light cameras, images are reviewed by Provincial Offence Officers and then tickets are issued to the owner of the vehicle regardless of who was driving. Upon conviction, the only penalty is a fine – no demerit points will be issued nor will the registered owners’ driving record be impacted.


Priority locations are chosen based the following factors

  • Speed related collisions, fatalities and injuries;
  • Population density;
  • Concentration of vulnerable road users, especially pedestrians and cyclists;
  • Proximity to sensitive community areas, such as schools, senior residences, hospitals, libraries, community centres, etc.;
  • Existing roadway design features and infrastructure (e.g. lack of sidewalks);
  • Poor speed limit compliance;

The deployment of the six ASEs will rotate on an approximate four-month cycle

The first six locations include:

  • Bellevue Avenue (between Picard Street and Ralph Street)
  • Algonquin Road (between Maurice Street and Field Street)
  • Falconbridge Road (between Donnelly Drive and Church Street)
  • Main Street, Val Caron (between Justin Street and MR 80)
  • Hillcrest Drive (between Brian Street and Mikkola Road)
  • Gary Avenue (between Lasalle Blvd and Madison Avenue)

Locations will change in mid-July to:

  • Garson Coniston Road (between Maki Street and Falconbridge Road)
  • Howey Drive (between Somerset Street and Downing Street)
  • Bancroft Drive (between Bellevue Avenue and Kingsway)
  • Moonlight Avenue (between Claude Street and Gagne Street)
  • Bancroft Drive (between Hazelton Drive and Estelle Street)
  • M.R. 80 - McCrea Heights (between Robin Avenue and Hubert Street)

Full list of 45 locations

    Speeding continues to be the most frequent concern residents express to Transportation and Innovation Support staff and the greatest contributing factor to the most serious collisions on our roads.


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