Departments and Services

Office of the Chief Administrative Officer

The City of Greater Sudbury’s operations are overseen by the Office of the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO).

The Office of the CAO leads the City’s Executive Leadership Team, provides corporate leadership and strategic support to all City departments and is responsible for supporting Mayor and Council, as well as the organization, in achieving priorities, strategic projects and initiatives to enhance citizens’ quality of life.

The office of the CAO also includes the Communications and Community Engagement and Economic Development divisions.

Communications and Community Engagement

The division manages, creates and provides internal and external communications to staff and the public, provides internal and external French-language support to meet the needs of staff and residents, provides front-line service and information to residents over the phone and manages community engagement activities. This division includes:

  • Communications and French Services Section
  • 311 and Customer Service Section
  • Community Engagement Section

Economic Development

The Economic Development division is focused on investment attraction, community promotion, improved quality of life and support for local business. They also provide support to, and receive guidance from, the 18-member community board of the Greater Sudbury Development Corporation (GSDC).  This division includes:

  • Investment and Business Development Section
  • Tourism and Culture Section
  • Regional Business Centre

Organizational Structure

The rest of the organization is divided into four departments, each of which is headed by a General Manager who reports directly to the CAO. These four departments include:

  • Growth and Infrastructure
  • Community Development
  • Corporate Services
  • Community Safety

These departments work together to ensure all customer needs are met in a professional, timely manner – to achieve the goals of Council and provide excellent service and delivery of programs and services to the community.

Learn more about the services provided by each of these departments. 

Growth and Infrastructure

Growth and Infrastructure includes the departments within the City that support growth and public works projects. This includes:

  • Building Services Division
  • Engineering Services Division
  • Environmental Services Division
  • Planning Services Division
  • Infrastructure Capital Planning Division
  • Linear Infrastructure Services Division
  • Water/Wastewater Services Division

Community Development

Community Development includes departments that are responsible for services that impact the daily lives and activities of citizens and include:

  • Housing Services Section
  • Long Term Care Services Division
  • Social Services Division
  • Leisure Services Division
  • Children and Citizen Services Division
  • Transit Services Division
  • Community Initiatives and Performance Support Division

Corporate Services

Corporate Services includes the departments and services within the City that provide support to the organization. This includes:

  • Human Resources and Organizational Development Division
  • Information Technology Division
  • Finance, Assets and Fleet Division
  • Legal and Clerk's Services Division
  • Corporate Security and By-Law Services Section

Community Safety

Community Safety includes the departments that work to keep our community a safe place to live. This includes:

  • Fire Services Division
  • Paramedic Services Division
  • Emergency Management Section
  • Strategic and Business Services Section
  • Emergency Services Division

Need to contact one of our departments? Call 705-674-4455 and the extension of the person you wish to speak to.