Source Water Protection

The Greater Sudbury Source Water Protection Plan  was developed to protect our current and future sources of municipal drinking water. It identifies potential risks to our drinking water supply and contains policies to ensure that our drinking water remains safe. Policies within this plan are enforced by the City. 

Read the Greater Sudbury Source Water Protection Plan (2,265 KB)

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How the Source Water Protection Plan Affects You 

The source water protection plan affects City processes such as planning approvals and building code permits. For example, if you are applying for a building permit, you need approval from the Risk Management Office before a building permit is issued if the proposed construction is in a vulnerable source water area.

  • Check this map to see if your building project falls within a vulnerable area. 

Not sure if your project is in a vulnerable area? Call us at 705-674-4455 extension 3600 and we can help.

Building in Areas Regulated by Conservation Sudbury (Nickel District Conservation Authority)

Conservation Sudbury (Nickel District Conservation Authority or NDCA) regulates construction in floodplains, alteration to shorelines, watercourses and wetlands and development on lands regulated by the Conservation Authorities Act.  You may need a permit from Conservation Sudbury if you are filling or constructing buildings in areas that are subject to their regulations.

If Your Construction Project is in a Vulnerable Area 

Risk Management Office
Water/Wastewater Services
200 Brady St.
Sudbury, ON  P3A 5P3

Depending on the type of activities taking place on your property you may also need to develop a Source Water Risk Management Plan. 

Source Water Risk Management Plans 

Risk Management Plans are one of the ways we can protect our drinking water sources. Plans are negotiated between a Risk Management Official and a landowner who is engaged in an activity that causes significant threat to source water. 

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