Source Water Protection

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The Greater Sudbury Source Water Protection Plan is designed to protect existing and future sources of municipal drinking water. Across the province, conservation authorities, municipalities and other agencies are implementing local policies meant to safeguard municipal drinking water sources. These new policies are a result ofThe Clean Water Act, 2006, and accompanying regulations that together, with other legislation, form Ontario's Drinking Water Safety Net. 

Section 59 of the Clean Water Act, 2006 is now applicable law in the Ontario Building Code, which requires an approval from the Risk Management Office prior to a building permit being issued if proposed construction is in a vulnerable area. The City will work closely with its residents to ensure those changes are adhered to.

The plan will affect City processes such as planning approvals and the building code permit process. The City will work closely with its residents to ensure those changes are adhered to.

Planning projects requiring a permit or other Planning Act processes such as re-zoning and Site Plan Control can review mapping provided on the City’s web site. These maps will help determine if a project falls within the regulated area. Once determined, it’s important to contact the Risk Management Office for details of how a project may be affected.

News Release

Source Water Protection Plan Now in Effect


Restricted Land Use Review Application for Section 59 Notice
A Section 59 Notice Review is required for applicants choosing to proceed with a Building or Planning Service in a Vulnerable Area.

Changes to Environmental Compliance Approvals
By law, a business must have an environmental approval or registration from the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change if it releases pollutants into the air, land or water, or stores, transports or disposes of waste. Environmental Compliance Approvals now have a section that relates to Source Protection.

Key Documents

Greater Sudbury Source Water Protection Plan
Ontario Clean Water Act

Assessment Report
Approved on September 2, 2014

Report Maps for the Greater Sudbury Source Protection Area Assessment Report

Terms of Reference
Terms of Reference for the Assessment Report and Source Protection Plan, Greater Sudbury Source Protection Area, 2009


By-law 2015-34 
A By-Law of the City of Greater Sudbury respecting Enforcement of the Clean Water Act, 2006

Educational Fact Sheets and Material

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Risk Management Office - Source Protection

City of Greater Sudbury
Infrastructure Services Department
Water/Wastewater Division
Compliance Section

Mailing Address

Attention: Risk Management Office
Water/WasteWater Services
200 Brady St.
Sudbury, ON  P3A 5P3

You may also drop off your applicaton at any Citizen Service Centre, Attenton: Risk Management Office, Water/Wastewater Services.

You can submit completed applications and make payment ($35 user fee) at any Citizen Service Center or mail completed application form with the $35 fee to the address located on the application.



705-674-4455, ext. 3600



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