Basement Flooding and Preventative Plumbing

You may be concerned about your basement flooding, especially during the spring and fall. There are some preventative measures that you can take to reduce the chances of flooding in your basement.

(PDF, 3.1 MB - courtesy of the Government of Canada)

Avoid Overloading the Sewer

Disconnect any rain gutter downspouts, weeping tiles and sump pit drainage systems that drain directly into the sewer system.

In the past, direct connections to sewers were acceptable, but now our wastewater treatment system serves more customers and additional rainwater can overload sewer pipes and treatment systems. This increases the risk of flooded basements and overflow into the environment. See our Wastewater Bypass and Overflow Reports.

Residential Inflow and Infiltration Subsidy Program (RIISP)

The Residential Inflow and Infiltration Subsidy Program (RIISP)  provides financial assistance  (subsidy) to residential property owners who have experienced or could potentially experience flooding of their basements from sewer backups during times of heavy precipitation.

The subsidy partially reimburses property owners who incur costs associated with installing one or more of the approved plumbing solutions covered by RIISP. The approved plumbing solutions:

  • ensure you are compliant with regulations
  • help minimize the potential for municipal sewer backup into your home
  • help direct roof water away from foundations and protect basements from flooding

Learn more about inflow and infiltration on our storm water page.

Residential Inflow and Infiltration Subsidy Flyer (PDF, 2.03 MB)

Apply for RIISP

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Telephone: 705-674-4455, ext. 3600 during regular business hours