Compost and Wood Chips for Sale

Materials for Sale: Compost and Wood Chips

You can buy unscreened, finished compost or wood chips at the following landfill locations:

  • Hanmer Landfill (off Gravel Drive on Landfill Site Road)
  • Azilda Landfill (off Highway 144 on Montee Rouleau)
  • Sudbury Landfill (off Kingsway)


  • Compost: $36 per ton
  • Woodchips. $15 per ton

Please Note:

  • Purchase of compost and wood chips is subject to availability upon arrival.
  • You must bring your own shovels and containers. 
  • The compost and wood chips may contain larger pieces of organic or non-organic matter. You must decide if this material is suitable for your needs.