Trip Planner

Use Trip Planner to plan your next trip on GOVA.

Trip Planner is a free online tool that integrates GOVA Transit routes and schedules into Google Maps.

It will show you how to get to your nearest bus stop, which bus to take to get where you want to go, and how long it will take.

How do I use Trip Planner?

  1. Enter your address.  If you enter your home address, it will include walking directions to your nearest bus stop. You can narrow your search by entering the name of your community after your address.
  2. Enter the address of your destination. This can be a street name and number, the names of two streets at an intersection, a business name or a local landmark. The City of Greater Sudbury is not responsible for business names and landmarks available on Google Maps. If you cannot find the business name or landmark, try entering the street name and number.
  3. Enter the date you wish to travel. 
  4. Enter the time you would like to leave or the time you would like to arrive at your destination.
  5. Trip Planner will calculate the closest GOVA Transit schedule to your preferred times. You can choose the best route, the route with the fewest transfers or the route with the least walking.

Will Trip Planner notify me of delays?

Trip Planner does not give information on:

  • temporary detours or service disruptions,
  • GOVA Zone (TransCab) routes,
  • GOVA Plus (Handi-Transit) routes,
  • special shuttles or charters.

Scheduled times may not match the real-time progress of your bus. To find out how long it will take until the next bus reaches your stop, check out our MyBus app.  It provides real-time information on City buses.

Tips for Using Trip Planner

  • Google street view displays ground-level images of local streets and buildings to help you find your way.
  • Google Maps can generate an output that is compatible with screen readers for visually impaired users.
  • To print your Google Map, create and edit Custom Maps.
  • To upgrade your menu and map settings or for help, select the text icon in the far upper left corner of your directions screen.

DisclaimerThe City of Greater Sudbury is not responsible or liable for the accuracy of any information provided by Google Maps and does not validate any trip planning information provided.