GOVA Zone (formerly TransCab)

GOVA zone new phone number

GOVA Zone (previously known as "TransCab") extends the reach of public transit to less populated areas of the city. If you live in a GOVA Zone service area, you can use GOVA Zone to connect with conventional transit routes at your local mobility hub. GOVA Zone services are delivered by partner taxi companies.

There is no extra charge to take GOVA Zone. You can pay with cash or use GOVA ride cards and passes.

Some restrictions apply to this service.

To take GOVA Zone from your home or starting point:

To take GOVA Zone back to your home or destination:

  • Ask the operator on your connecting conventional transit bus for a GOVA Zone transfer.
  • At the connecting Local Mobility Hub, give the transfer and the address of your destination to the GOVA Zone service provider.