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GOVA Plus Specialized Transit

GOVA provides a suite of services to individuals with disabilities, including a fleet of accessible conventional buses.  Accessible features include low floors to replace steps, automated wheelchair ramps, fold-up seats for mobility devices, auditory stop call-out and visual display screens and priority seating for persons with disabilities.

For those individuals who cannot use conventional GOVA service for all their travel needs, GOVA Plus provides a door-to-door service with specialized vehicles. GOVA Plus services are funded by the City of Greater Sudbury and user fees.

To apply for GOVA Plus services dial 705-675-3333 or use the application form on this page.

To book a trip on GOVA Plus dial 705-670-2300 or email

What is GOVA Plus?

GOVA Plus provides transportation services to individuals whose level of disability prevents them from using the conventional transit system. GOVA Plus provides door-to-door transportation with specialized accessible buses, supplemented with conventional taxi services when necessary.

Passengers must complete an application form and be approved as a registered client with GOVA Plus before booking any rides. Eligibility for GOVA Plus may be reassessed at any time.

GOVA Plus provides transportation every day of the year between 7 a.m. and midnight.

GOVA Plus bookings must be made in advance and requested times are subject to system availability.

GOVA Plus is a shared ride, door-to-door service.  Please remember that this is a bus service and not a taxi service. Trips may be detoured to pick up other passengers.

The geographic area served by GOVA Plus matches the area served by conventional GOVA and GOVA Zone services.

GOVA Plus is not a substitute for Ambulance service. For medical emergencies, please dial 9-1-1.

How Do I Apply for GOVA Plus Service? 

To use GOVA Plus you must first complete and submit an application.

Application forms are available online or by calling 705-675-3333.

You may complete the form yourself or authorize someone to complete it for you.

Eligibility for GOVA Plus service is determined by the information provided on the application form and, in some cases, the recommendation of an independent qualified Eligibility Assessment Advisor.

Fill out our Online Form OR Print a copy of the GOVA Plus application form to complete by hand.

GOVA Plus Eligibility Levels

There are three eligibility levels for GOVA Plus.

  1. Unconditional Eligibility is given to individuals whose level of disability prevents them from using the conventional transit system.
  2. Conditional Eligibility is given to a person with a disability where environmental or physical barriers limit their ability to consistently use the conventional transit system.
  3. Temporary Eligibility is given to a person with a disability that temporarily prevents them from using the conventional transit system.

Time of year is considered in determining eligibility for GOVA Plus. For example, some clients may be able to use conventional GOVA service in the spring and summer but will require GOVA Plus in the fall and winter months.

Applications for eligibility will be processed within 14 days of receipt of the application.

If you do not use the service over a 12 month period, your eligibility for GOVA Plus will automatically expire and you will have to reapply.

GOVA Plus reserves the right to regularly reassess client eligibility.

Client Information

When you apply for GOVA Plus service, the details on your application give the service provider important information about your transportation needs. This includes your residential address, space needed for your mobility device (e.g. do you use a wheelchair, a walker, a scooter or other), your personal contact information, your emergency contact information and your medical status.

Please be sure to keep this information accurate and up-to-date. If anything changes, please let us know right away so that we can serve you safely and efficiently.

To change your personal information, please call 705-675-3333.

Out-of-Town Visitors

Temporary eligibility for GOVA Plus service is available to approved out-of-town visitors.

To apply for Temporary Eligibility, call 705-675-3333.