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Companions, Support Persons and Service Animals

Travelling With a Support Person or Guest/Companion 

If you plan to travel with a support person or a guest/companion, you must reserve an extra seat on GOVA Plus when you book.

One support person is permitted to travel with you free of charge on GOVA Plus. A support person is a person specifically employed or designated by you to assist with your daily living needs, including travel.

A support person is required if a registered client of GOVA Plus:

  • is prone to seizures or other medical conditions requiring a support person;
  • requires assistance for mobility (i.e. has difficulty using a walker or other mobility device without physical, weighted support);
  • cannot independently make their way to a destination;
  • poses a flight risk if left alone on the GOVA Plus vehicle;
  • cannot be left alone to wait for the GOVA Plus vehicle; or
  • displays unacceptable behaviour or uses unacceptable language that affects the comfort or safety of other passengers and/or the GOVA Plus Bus Operator.

A support person must be able to:

  • physically assist the registered client of GOVA Plus when boarding and exiting the bus, if necessary, and
  • be responsible for the medical, behavioral and hygienic needs of the registered GOVA Plus client.

Please note: If your application states that you require a support person while travelling, the support person must be present during your scheduled pick-up or your ride will be cancelled.

One guest/companion is permitted to travel with you upon payment of the applicable GOVA Plus fare, if space permits. A guest may be a family member or a friend who is travelling with you but is not required to provide you with assistance while on board GOVA Plus.

GOVA Plus buses have limited spaces to secure and transport mobility devices. If your guest will be travelling with a mobility device, you must advise the GOVA Plus Dispatcher at the time you book your ride.

Travelling With a Service Animal

Service animals must be under the care and control of the passenger at all times. Service animals must wear a service animal vest and appropriate harness/leash that identifies the animal as a Service Animal.

 In the interest of public safety and comfort, GOVA Plus passengers requiring a service animal while travelling will be required to present a letter from a physician or nurse stating that the animal is required for reasons of a disability. This letter will be kept on file.

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