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Rules and Etiquette

GOVA Plus Policies

As a courtesy to other passengers, and to ensure good quality service for all, GOVA Plus passengers must abide by the following policies:

Passengers must be ready and waiting 10 minutes before their scheduled pick-up time.

For the safety of both GOVA Plus Bus Operators and passengers, Bus Operators will assist passengers who use a mobility device up or down one stair to their place of residence or destination. If there is more than one stair, a ramp is required.

For the safety of all, ramps at personal addresses must be constructed to meet the requirements of the Ontario Building Code. Sidewalks, ramps and driveways must not pose a safety risk and be kept clear of snow and ice.

For safety, GOVA Plus Bus Operators should not be expected to back out of driveways.  Please ensure that you have a safe pathway to your curbside if necessary.

Passengers will be guided/supervised to the first door of their place of residence or destination. GOVA Plus Bus Operators are not permitted to go beyond the first door with the exception of hospitals, long-term care and assisted living homes where passengers will be brought to the front desk. GOVA Plus Bus Operators can only provide stability support to persons with mobility issues.  Bus Operators cannot provide weighted support. If you require weighted support, you will require a support person.

Smoking, vaping, food and drink are NOT permitted to be used or consumed on GOVA Plus vehicles.

All passengers are required to buckle either their personal seatbelt or the bus seatbelt, unless they have a medical exemption stating otherwise. This exemption must be kept on file with GOVA Plus.

Due to space limitations, please limit parcels and bags, including laundry bags, to whatever you are able to carry and hold on your lap. GOVA Plus Bus Operators are not permitted to load or carry parcels and bags.

Pets are not permitted on board GOVA Plus with the exception of registered service animals or small pets confined to a portable pet crate no larger than 26" L x 17" W x 17" H (66 cm L x 43 cm W x 43 cm H).

For the comfort of passengers who may have allergies, GOVA Plus vehicles are scent-free zones. Please do not use scented lotions, soaps, perfumes or colognes when travelling on GOVA Plus.

Please, for the comfort of all passengers, personal hygiene must be kept at an acceptable level.

Abusive, threatening or obscene language or actions will not be tolerated and may result in suspension of service.