Official Plan

The Official Plan helps guide Greater Sudbury’s development and land use. It establishes long-term goals, shapes policies and outlines development strategies for our city. It also includes our long-term goals relating to social, economic and environmental matters.

It helps us plan development in our city such as:

  • Where to put new housing and living areas, businesses, parks and open spaces and schools,
  • What infrastructure (roads, water and wastewater and waste management services) will be needed,
  • How to maintain the characteristics of our rural areas,
  • How our water resources, natural environment and cultural heritage will be protected.

We Want to Hear from You 

Give us your input on Phase 2 of the Official Plan.

The Official Plan

Official Plan Review

Municipalities must conduct a review of their Official Plan every five years to ensure consistency with provincial legislation, plans and policies.  This review allows our city to consult with residents and stakeholders to find out what’s important for the future of the community and how they think we can get there. It also ensures existing projections and priorities are still relevant and presents an opportunity to adapt the plan on a regular basis, to better reflect any changes in the community. 

The Five Year Review of the Official Plan is being undertaken in two phases. Phase One of the Review was approved by the Province and came into effect on April 26, 2019. Phase Two of the Review is currently underway. 

•    Official Plan Amendment (OPA) 88 (By-law 2018-124P) (PDF, 2.8 MB)
•    Decision to modify and approve as modified by the Province (PDF, 2.7 MB)

Phase Two

Phase Two of the Official Plan review is currently underway. It will align the Official Plan with the Transportation Background Study update and the Water/Wastewater Master Plan. At that time, staff will bring forward any recommended land use policy changes associated with the Greater Sudbury Development Corporation’s Strategic Plan: From the Ground Up 2015-2025. 

Phase Two will also address any additional changes that may be required as a result of new provincial legislation.

Give us your input on Phase 2 of the Official Plan.

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