Property Tax Due Dates

You receive two property tax bills each year. The first is mailed to you in February and the second in June. Until the City’s annual budget and provincial education tax rate are set individual property taxes cannot be calculated. That is why you receive two tax bills, to be paid in four instalments during the year.

Interim Tax Bill

The first bill you will receive is the interim tax bill. This is calculated using the 2024 assessment roll and a portion of the previous year's tax rate. This helps fund City services until the final tax bill is complete in the spring.

Your interim tax bill is mailed in January or February with two instalment due dates.

Interim Tax Bill Due Date
First Instalment March 4, 2024
Second Instalment April 4, 2024

Final Tax Bill 

The final tax bill will be sent to you once City Council passes the municipal budget for the year, and the provincial government sets the education tax rate, which typically happens in the spring.

Your final tax bill will be mailed in June with two instalment due dates.

Final Tax Bill Due Date
Third Instalment  
Fourth Instalment  

Late Charges

The penalty charged for late tax payments is 1.25 per cent each month on the amount owing. It is applied the day after the instalment due date. If the balance remains unpaid, it is applied on the first of each month.

We send reminder notices for past-due payments four times a year:

  • as part of the interim billing
  • as part of the final billing
  • after September 1
  • after December 1

When payment is received by mail, the postmark date is honoured if payment is received after the due date. A late charge applies to payments postmarked after the due date.

Payment Options

If you prefer to have your property tax divided into monthly payments you can arrange to have property taxes collected as part of your monthly mortgage payments or sign up for a pre-authorized payment plan with the City. Learn more about your payment options.