Validation of Title

A certificate of validation is used to validate or correct a prior registered document such as a transfer of land or mortgage that breached the Planning Act as the required approvals under the Planning Act were received.  Validation of title is not used to create new lots.  

Who Needs a Validation of Title

An example of when a validation of title may be used is where the owner of a property conveyed a portion of a property, while retaining an interest in the abutting property without getting the required approvals under the Planning Act. 

A validation certificate may also be used to validate a mortgage where the required approvals under the Planning Act were not received.  Anyone that has sufficient interest in the property, such as the owner, mortgagee or estate, can apply for a validation of title.

Apply for a Validation of Title

  • Fill out the Validation of Title Application Form (PDF, 0.3 MB)
  • Include any required materials and your application fee
  • Submit your application along with any required materials to:

         Office of the Consent Official
         Growth & Development Department
         3rd Floor, Tom Davies Square
         200 Brady Street
         Sudbury ON P3A 5P3

  • The signatures by the applicant or agent on the application forms must be witnessed by a Commissioner.  The City has Commissioners of Oath on staff that can witness your signing of the application.

Validation of Title Fee

Validation of Title Approval Process

The Consent Official reviews the application with respect to the criteria set out in the regulations under the Planning Act. This includes making sure that it conforms with: 

If the application conforms to the above criteria, a certificate of validation may be issued to the applicant and registered on the title to the property.