Telecommunication Facilities

Radiocommunication connects us with television and radio broadcasting, cell phone networks and more. With increased demand for wireless communications, companies may look to build more towers to meet this demand.

 The Government of Canada (Ministry of Innovation, Science and Economic Development) makes decisions on the location of towers, settles disputes and sets health and safety standards.

Public Consultation

A company applying to build a telecommunications tower must engage in public consultation with local municipalities and their residents.

The federal government will consider the feedback of municipalities and their residents when deciding whether or not to approve a tower/antenna.

The Role of the City

When new telecommunications towers are being proposed, the City may be asked to give feedback to the federal government on the land use planning compatibility of a proposed antenna system.

The City’s statement will be based on our review of the proposal and feedback from residents.

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Current & Closed Tower Applications 

Check out our map below for current and open applications for public consultation (green), as well as closed tower applications that are no longer open for public consultation (red) as of May 30, 2016.

Additional Information

There are several online resources available to the public which catalogue existing radio-communication and broadcasting antenna system installations across Canada.  These links are provided for information purposes only: