Heritage Sites

Heritage Sites

The conservation of Greater Sudbury’s heritage resources helps improve the quality of our city. These valuable cultural assets:

  • strengthen the City’s identity and appeal
  • instill a sense of pride in local citizens and
  • attract the interest of visitors

Heritage buildings also improve and enhance the appearance of our urban environment.

City of Greater Sudbury Heritage Register

The City of Greater Sudbury’s Heritage Register includes properties that are either designated or listed heritage sites under the Ontario Heritage Act. These sites have special protections when it comes to development. 

Designated Sites

Listed Sites

  • Regulated by a municipal by-law that lists heritage elements and attributes of the property that are to be preserved
  • Protected from demolition or incompatible alterations to significant heritage features 
  • Formally identifies properties that may have cultural heritage value or interest to the community.
  • Provides some protection to the property because property owners must give the City 60 days notice before demolishing the site.

Add a Listed Property to the Heritage Register

Council must approve the addition of any cultural heritage properties that have not been designated (listed sites) to the heritage register. Council must consult with the Municipal Heritage Committee before a non-designated (listed) property is added to or removed from the register.

To begin the process to list a property:

Heritage Register