Public Art

Public Art

Public Art in Greater Sudbury

Public art is everywhere in our community.

Legal Graffiti Wall
The City has established a Legal Graffiti Wall behind 71 Cedar in Old City Hall Lane. The wall is repainted three times a year (in or around April, July and September). Come practise your graffiti art!


Draft Public Art Policy endorsed by Council.

Current Public Art Opportunities

City of Greater Sudbury Public Art Application Form

Public Art Implementation Plan
The City’s Public Art Implementation Plan was passed by Council in November, 2019.

Staff has been directed to:

  • Establish a Public Art Advisory Panel (completed)
  • Develop a Public Art Handbook (completed)
  • Develop a Public Art Master Plan (completed)
  • Finalize the Public Art Policy (underway)
  • Include Public Art in City Policies (underway)

Public Art Master Plan

The Public Art Master Plan (PAMP), approved by Council on February 27 2024, helps the City establish decision-making, management and acquisition processes, as well as the roles and responsibilities in public art provision and support in Greater Sudbury.

The Master Plan includes five broad recommendations, each having a roadmap, and each broken down in sub recommendations (see Page 2 of the PAMP for the full list of recommendations). The broad recommendations relate to: 

  1. Revisions of the Public Art Policy (included in Appendix C of the Master Plan itself)
  2. Governance for decision-making on the public art program (included in chart 2.3 and throughout the PAMP)
  3. Review processes for external requests (included in chart 3.2 of the PAMP)
  4. Processes for management of City’s public art program (included in Charts 4.1 and 4.3 of the PAMP)
  5. Funding Mechanisms (included in Section 5 of the PAMP)