Community Improvement Plans and Incentive Programs

Community Improvement Plans (CIPs) are a sustainable community planning tool used by municipalities to revitalize areas of a city or community through programs, grants and incentives. CIPs also:

  • address the reuse and restoration of lands, buildings and infrastructure
  • address growth management challenges
  • plan for rehabilitation, development and land-use change

The City recognizes the value of community improvement planning initiatives and identifies opportunities for future work. Under the Planning Act, Community Improvement Plans (CIPs) can be undertaken for environmental, social or economic development reasons.

Public Realm Community Improvement Plans

Below are some of our historic Public Realm Community Improvement Plans:

Current Public Realm Community Improvement Plans

Below are some Community Improvement Plans that are currently being implemented:

Financial Incentive Programs

As part of our Community Improvement Plans, the City of Greater Sudbury also provides financial incentives for development or redevelopment of certain properties or areas. Incentives may include grants, loans, rebate programs and more.

Read more about some of our financial incentive programs: