Lasalle Boulevard Corridor Plan and Strategy

Lasalle Boulevard Corridor Plan and Strategy

The City is in the process of creating a new vision for Lasalle Boulevard. As part the City’s Nodes and Corridor Strategy , the Lasalle Corridor Plan and Strategy will examine ways we can integrate high-quality intensification, support public transit, provide new active transportation infrastructure, and will identify opportunities for private and public realm improvements. 

The Plan and Strategy will recommend a comprehensive range of tools and strategies to realize the new vision of Lasalle Boulevard. This will be supported by an action strategy which will outline a series of steps that can be taken to transform the corridor, including quick wins and policy recommendations.    


Over the course of the study, the City will be engaging decision makers, interest groups and the general public to gather information and encouraging dialog on crafting a vision for the LaSalle Boulevard corridor. It is ideas like these, and input, that will form this important work and help ensure the vision for the LaSalle Boulevard corridor defines a bold direction for the future that is implementable and tailored to our community. 

Draft Corridor Strategy and Plan - May, 2018