Lasalle Boulevard Corridor Plan and Strategy

The City of Greater Sudbury is considering an amendment to its Zoning By-law. The amendment pertains to Lasalle Boulevard Corridor Plan and Strategy and seeks to create a new regulatory framework for the corridor, including upzoning most of the corridor to C2 (General Commercial) and introducing a new build-to line.

Lasalle Corridor Plan and Strategy

Draft Zoning By-law Amendment Report - September 2020

New Official Plan Designations (Official Plan Amendment 102)

Council passed Official Plan Amendment No. 102 (OPA 102) in April, 2020. OPA 102 brought in a more refined and coordinated approach to the City’s corridors. The City introduced new designations to the Official Plan, including ‘Secondary Community Nodes’ and ‘Regional Corridors’.  The Official Plan was also amended to permit residential uses within Regional Centres as of right, and to introduce parking reduction criteria.

Official Plan Amendment 102 Report - March 9, 2020