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Progress Reports

To view progress reports and project-related claims sent to the provincial and federal levels of government, please click here: Maley Drive Progress Reports

The Maley Drive Extension will be built in two phases.

Phase One connects LaSalle Boulevard West with Falconbridge Highway and includes:

  • A new four-lane road, from LaSalle Boulevard West, near Collège Boréal, to Lansing Avenue.
  • Access to the new four-lane road via a new interchange north of LaSalle Boulevard on Notre Dame Avenue (Municipal Road 80).
  • To accommodate the new interchange, Notre Dame Avenue has been widened from four lanes to six lanes, north of the improvements that have already been made to the LaSalle/Notre Dame intersection and approaching lanes.
  • Traffic control at the new intersections created by the construction of the four-lane Maley Drive Extension has been achieved with roundabouts at Collège Boréal, Barry Downe Road and Lansing Avenue.
  • Reconstruction of Maley Drive, between Lansing Avenue and Falconbridge Highway

Work scheduled for spring 2020, as part of Phase One, includes intersection improvements at Falconbridge Highway and Frood Road, concrete and islands at Lansing Avenue, surface asphalt in some sections, and general restoration

The total project cost of Phase One of the Maley Drive Extension is $80.1 million, made possible by a three-way cost sharing partnership between the federal, provincial and municipal governments.

The Maley Drive Extension Project delivers short, medium and long-term benefits to residents, businesses and industries in an affordable and fiscally responsible manner.

Upon completion of the first two phases, the Maley Drive Extension Project is expected to remove an estimated 3,000 vehicles per day from LaSalle Boulevard near Falconbridge Highway, up to 10,000 per day from LaSalle Boulevard east of Notre Dame Avenue, and 2,000 to 4,000 vehicles per day from the Kingsway.

It will also reroute an estimated 1,000 to 1,500 heavy mining trucks per day from the Kingsway, LaSalle Boulevard, and M.R. 80 and M.R. 15 corridors for improved traffic safety, eased congestion and extended lifespan of these roadways.

Phase Two will extend the Maley Drive Extension to Elm Street West (Municipal Road 35).

  • The existing LaSalle Extension will be widened from two to four lanes between Collège Boréal and Municipal Road 35 (Elm Street West), connecting with the new four lane Maley Drive for improved traffic flow and safety.
  • The rehabilitated section of Maley Drive will be widened from two to four lanes between Barry Downe Road and Falconbridge Highway.
  • An existing railway crossing on Maley Drive, west of Falconbridge Highway, will be reconstructed as an overhead crossing for the safety and convenience of motorists.
  • Roundabouts will be constructed for traffic control on Maley Drive at the intersection of Lansing Avenue and at the intersection of Montrose Avenue. The Montrose Avenue roundabout will connect with a road design through a private subdivision that will eventually extend Montrose north to intersect with Maley.

The total construction cost of Phase Two of the Maley Drive Extension is currently estimated at $70 million.

The Maley Drive Extension addresses the future needs of the City of Greater Sudbury.

The City of Greater Sudbury Official Plan has identified the Maley Drive Extension as the number one priority for municipal infrastructure development. The Plan envisions a perimeter highway-arterial road system around the City of Greater Sudbury for efficient routing of traffic through this part of the region and province.

  • Phases One and Two of the Maley Drive Extension are the first steps to a perimeter highway that will extend Maley Drive east of its current end at Falconbridge Highway, southeast to connect to Highway 17 East to North Bay and Ottawa and an existing by-pass leading to Highway 69 South to Toronto and Highway 17 West to Sault Ste. Marie.

The Maley Drive Extension Report to Council, dated November 3, 2015, is available in pdf format. (2.23 MB)

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Maley Drive Extension Cost-Benefit Analysis

Maley Drive Extension Staff Reports to Council

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Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (2008)

Maley Drive Extension Class Environmental Assessment (1995)



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