Construction and Renovation

Construction and Renovation

If you are building or renovating, you will likely end up with materials that you are unsure of how to dispose of, such as leftover lumber, scrap metal, sod or soil, counter tops, cabinets, etc.

Use our Waste Wise tool to find out how to dispose of your materials. Just type in your item and it will tell you what to do with it.

Generally, most construction and renovation materials cannot be picked up at the roadside and will need to be delivered to one of the City’s three landfill sites (Sudbury, Hanmer or Azilda) or the Walden waste transfer site.

Our landfill sites have diversion areas where materials can be salvaged and recycled. Make sure you place your materials in the appropriate diversion area of the landfill. Make sure your items are sorted prior to arriving at the landfill so you can quickly and easily dispose of different materials in the appropriate diversion area.


Habitat ReStores accepts and sells a wide variety of new and gently used items, including building materials, lumber, cabinets, appliances, hardware, light fixtures, sinks, tools, flooring, doors and windows.

If you have extra building materials or items to donate when renovating, contact the Sudbury ReStore to see if they accept your specific item. If you're interested in pickup, inquire about this too, as it may be offered.

See the Habitat Restore website for further details:

Sudbury ReStore Contact Information:

799 Notre Dame Ave, Sudbury
(705) 669-0624

Sudbury Landfill Construction and Demolition Materials Area

In June 2021, the City opened a new construction and demolition diversion area at the Sudbury Landfill site on the Kingsway. It is dedicated to the receiving, stockpiling and processing various construction and demolition wastes.

Materials that can be dropped off to this area include concrete, brick and block, wood waste, scrap metal, cardboard, and recycled paper. Learn about applicable landfill fees.

This area is available to residents of Greater Sudbury, during regular hours of operation.

How to Reduce Construction Waste

  • Plan ahead. Make a detailed material list with correct lengths for framing lumber, drywall, moulding, etc.
  • Reduce scraps by checking measurements before cutting materials.
  • Use leftover insulation from outside walls for soundproofing interior walls.
  • Avoid over packaging. Buy nails and screws in bulk.
  • Buy materials made with recycled content.
  • Before demolishing anything, identify materials that can be reused by yourself or someone else.
  • Recycle as many materials as you can, including clean drywall, cardboard packaging, scrap metals and appliances.
  • Buy already used materials from salvage or re-use companies (for example used bricks for patios).
  • Make sure you can return complete, unused materials to the building supply outlet.