Construction and Renovation

COVID-19 Update, March 26, 10:14 p.m.

City Landfills Temporarily Closed to Public to Support Social (Physical) Distancing

It was necessary to temporarily close the City Landfill sites to the general public to protect the health and safety of residents and staff. This decision was made upon consultation with Public Health Sudbury & Districts, and their recommendation to close landfill sites. The landfills saw over 3,800 visits from residents in the last week and this created a situation where social (physical) distancing was not manageable despite attempts by staff to ensure safety of all visitors. We strongly believe that it is our role to prevent the potential spread of COVID-19 in the community, and must take necessary steps to ensure we are doing everything we can to address this. Many options are available to residents and we've implemented an increase of the garbage bag limit to four. Please click here for some FAQs or call 311 to inquire about available options.

To assist residents with the closures of these facilities, the residential garbage bag limit has been temporarily increased to four bags, effective immediately. Blue Box recycling, Green Cart organics and leaf and yard trimmings residential roadside collection remains unlimited. Residents without roadside pickup service, who use drop-off sites for disposal, are unaffected by these closures.


Household Hazardous Waste

Household Hazardous Waste Depot drop off days scheduled to be open on Saturdays in April will be suspended until further notice. Please use the Toxic Taxi service for pickup of these items. Please note that due to an increase in requests, wait times for pickup may be longer than usual.

Large Furniture, Appliances and Electronic pickup

The City offers roadside collection of certain large furniture, appliances and electronics items. Please note that due to an increase in requests, wait times for pickup may be longer than usual. For more information on eligible items or to schedule pickup, visit

Residents are encouraged to defer requests for scheduled pickup of non-essential household hazardous waste and large furniture, appliances and electronic items pickups if possible. 

Residents experiencing unusual or challenging situations as a result of the Landfill and Transfer site closures can call 311 to discuss available options.  

Landfill sites will be accessible to commercial, industrial, and City and contracted residential roadside waste service vehicles only. 


Construction and Renovation

If you are building or renovating, you will likely end up with materials that you are unsure of how to dispose such as leftover lumber, scrap metal, sod or soil, counter tops, cabinets, and other.

Use our Waste Wise tool to find out how to dispose of your materials. Just type in your item and it will tell you what to do with it.

Generally, most construction and renovation materials are not able to be picked up roadside and will need to be delivered to a landfill and waste diversion site. Check the waste wizard app to make sure.

Our landfill sites have diversion areas where materials can be salvaged and recycled. Make sure you place your materials in the appropriate diversion area of the landfill.

How to reduce construction waste

  • Plan ahead. Make a detailed material list with correct lengths for framing lumber, drywall, moulding, etc.
  • Reduce scraps by checking measurements before cutting materials.
  • Use leftover insulation from outside walls for soundproofing interior walls.
  • Avoid over packaging. Buy nails and screws in bulk.
  • Buy materials made with recycled content.
  • Before demolishing anything, identify materials that can be reused by yourself or someone else.
  • Recycle as many materials as you can, including clean drywall, cardboard packaging, scrap metals and appliances.
  • Buy already used materials from salvage or re-use companies (for example used bricks for patios).
  • Make sure you can return complete, unused materials to the building supply outlet.