Find Out What's Recyclable

Read our Recycling info sheet (PDF, 158 KB) and use our Waste Wizard tool to help you figure out what can be recycled. For more information, contact the City at 311.

The following types of items are recyclable:

  • Aseptic and polycoat containers (juice boxes/milk cartons)
  • Cardboard and boxboard (remove all plastics and flatten to 30"x 30") 
  • Clear and coloured glass containers (no broken glass)
  • Disposable aluminum foil, plates and trays
  • Metal and cardboard food and beverage cans (tuna, juice cans)
  • Paint and stain cans that are empty and dry (lids removed)
  • Empty aerosol cans
  • Plastic containers #1, 2, 4, 5 and 6. (Number 3 and 7 plastics and plastics without numbers are not recyclable)
  • Rigid foam packing and containers #6 (no foam peanuts or flex foam)
  • Non-treated paper bags/gift bags (remove strings/hard plastic handles)
  • Plastic bags (no zippers and remove paper receipts). Place all plastic bags in one bag, tie and place inside the Blue Box.
  • Paper, books, magazines

Rinse and place items in the Blue Box loosely

Do not bag recyclables. The two exceptions are shredded paper, and styrofoam. These items can be placed separately in clear plastic bags. 

Recyclable items.

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