Noise Exemption

If your event may be in conflict with the noise by-law, you may need to get a noise exemption.

Noise By-law

Under the City of Greater Sudbury’s Noise By-law you may not:

  • Make, cause or permit sound from any sound reproduction device that is of a type likely to disturb the inhabitants of the City.
  • Persistently yell, shout, scream, whistle, hoot or sing in way that disturbs the inhabitants of the City.

What is a Noise Exemption?

A noise exemption is a special permission, issued by the City of Greater Sudbury, for a public special event that exempts the event organizer from the noise by-law.

How Do I Know if I Need a Noise Exemption?

If you are organizing a special event that includes noise that may disturb the inhabitants of the City it would be good practice to apply for a noise exemption.

To qualify for a noise exemption, your special event must:

  • be a public event and
  • benefit the entire community.


  • concerts,
  • festivals,
  • large gathering of people outside,
  • large outdoor tournament,
  • outdoor use of a public address (PA) system and more.

If you aren’t sure whether your event may require a noise exemption please contact Paul Denniston at or 705 674-4455 extension 4302 for more information.

How Do I Apply for a Noise Exemption?

Step 1:

  • The first step when planning a public special event is to complete and submit a Special Event Application. 
  • On the Special Event Application you will be asked if your event will include amplified or unusual music or noise. Please check off this box – it is your request for a noise exemption.
  • Your Special Event Application and request for a noise exemption will then be circulated to the By-Law Enforcement section for review.

Step 2:

  • By-Law Enforcement will review your Special Event Application and your request for a noise exemption.
  • They may contact you if they have additional questions.

How Long Does it Take to Get a Noise Exemption?

  • Submit your Special Event Application as soon as possible.
  • Approval may take up to 20 business days.

What Happens Once I Am Approved for a Noise Exemption?

Once your special event noise exemption is approved, we will contact you by email. In the email we will attach a letter that grants the noise exemption.

Once you receive the approved noise exemption by email you must:

  • Provide written notice to residents in the vicinity of the public special event.

Noise exemptions may be withdrawn at any time if conditions are not met or public concern develops.

If you have any questions about noise exemptions please contact Paul Denniston at or call 705 674-4455 extension 4302 for more information.