Accessible Events

An accessible event checklist has been created to help organizers identify and address potential barriers to attendance and participation while planning and hosting events. It is important that as an event organizer, you understand the requirements and things you can do to ensure your event is accessible to all who would like to attend and that alternate accommodations can be made to address any barriers to attendance or participation. The Ministry for Accessibility and Seniors has prepared a Guide for Planning Accessible Events. Please familiarize yourself with the guide and accessibility requirements and comment on the actions you will be taking to make your event as inclusive and barrier-free as possible.


Accessible Parking:

  • Are there designated spaces that can be used only by persons with an accessible parking permit?
  • Are there spaces with access aisles to allow for passengers with larger mobility aids to enter and exit the vehicle with enough space?

Passenger Drop-off Area:

  • Is it near the main entrance to the event?
  • Are there any barriers, such as curb cuts or uneven ground that could present a barrier for the individual?

Located Near Public Transportation:

  • Can a person easily access the venue or event area from a public transit stop?
  • How far will a person have to travel to get from the transit stop to the event?

Outdoor and Indoor Pathways Free of Barriers

  • Is the pathway an even surface?
  • Is the pathway wide enough to allow someone using a large mobility device, such as a power chair to use it?
  • If the event is taking place at night, is the pathway well lit?

Doors Easy to Open

  • Are there automatic door openers, and if not, will the door be propped open?
  • Is the accessible door opener (if there is one) turned on and functioning properly?
  • Are there any barriers that would prevent a person from being able to use the door? (i.e.. curb cut, lack of ramp, etc.)

Accessible Washrooms

  • Is there an accessible stall(s)?
  • Are the sink, soap dispenser and paper towel roll or hand-dryer at an accessible height?
  • Is there a universal accessible washroom available for use?

Adjustable Lighting

  • Can the lights be dimmed if they are too bright?
  • Will there be any brightly coloured or strobe lighting used?

Good Acoustics (minimal echo)

  • Do you have any assistive listening or amplification devices available?

Invitations and Promotion

  • Due dates and contact information for accessibility requests included
  • A variety of communication methods used and accessible formats offered if required
  • A minimum of 12 point fonts for printed materials and simple font (i.e., Arial or Calibri) used. Avoid serif fonts and the use of all uppercase letters.
  • Good colour contrast between fonts, images and backgrounds

Food and Refreshments

  • Food, drinks and utensils easy to reach for people using wheelchairs
  • Bendable straws and cups with handles available
  • Food buffet assistance available

Room Set-up

  • Clear, easy-to-read signs
  • Clear floor space
  • Cables and wiring secured
  • Chairs provided and volunteer stand-ins near registration or ticket sales tables
  • Reserved seating available

Speeches and Presentations

  • Speakers provide tips on accessibility

Service Animals

  • Event team members know how to help an attendee with a service animal
  • Relief area for service animals
  • Water bowls provided


  • Volunteer assigned to resolve accessibility barriers
  • Volunteers reminded to ask guests, “How may I help you?”