Event in a City Park

Booking a Special Event in a City Park


The City of Greater Sudbury offers a wide variety of outdoor green spaces for community members to host events in.  Please follow the steps below to book an event in a City Park.


  1. Contact the Leisure Services Department at 705-674-4455 ext 2446.  Once you have contacted the Leisure Services Department you will be put in touch with the City Liaison that is responsible for the location you are interested in.
  2. Provide your City Liaison with information about what you are planning .  This will allow them to determine if the park you have chosen is the best fit for your event or if an alternative location may be better suited for what you have planned.
  3. Your City Liaison will then direct you to fill in a Special Event Application if they deem it necessary.  
  4. A facility booking contract will be issued for the rental of the park.  Payment for this rental must be recieved in full prior to any advertisment of the event taking place.
  5. An on site meeting may be required with your City Liaison to discuss the details of the event and to determine any site specific requirements.
  6. Once all required permits, licences, certificates and contracts have been recieved and approved by your City Liason your event will be approved to go ahead.