Insurance Requirements

Beginning December 12, 2022, the City of Greater Sudbury will no longer provide liability insurance to clients booking municipal facilities. 

Before December 12, 2022, if you purchased insurance with the City while booking for an event taking place in 2023, it will be covered by your current policy.

For future facility rentals, you can:

  • Provide your own liability insurance, naming the City of Greater Sudbury as a third party with a minimum of $2M liability limits or higher.



Customer Support is available:

  • E-mail:
  • Phone: 1 (800) 517-1390
  • Chat link

Please be advised that the City of Greater Sudbury is not an insurance provider and cannot provide a quote. 

An important requirement when planning a special event is to ensure necessary insurance coverage. The City requires at least $2 million coverage for most special events (this number may be higher for larger events) with the City of Greater Sudbury added as an additional insured agent. Certain groups may have insurance coverage through their existing businesses/agencies that can be extended to cover a special event. If this is the case, the City has a form that would need to be filled out and returned to the Risk Management Officer to show that the event is covered and the City is an additional insured.