Committees of Council

What are Committees of Council?

Members of Council have the opportunity to participate on various Committees of Council. There are nine committees of Council, each with a specific focus. These include:

The purpose of these committees is to increase the operational efficiency of Council. The committees meet regularly to review and discuss municipal services and operations before making recommendations to Council.

Staff reports will often be presented to the appropriate committee (for example, reports on paramedic services would be presented to the Community and Emergency Services committee) which the committee will review and discuss and then make a recommendation to Council. This helps to streamline the number of items requiring review and discussion at Council meetings.

Council Participation on Committees of Council

There is no minimum or maximum number of committees in which members of Council must participate, however all Council seats on committees must be filled.


Councillors who act as Chair of certain committees are compensated an additional amount for this role, as outlined in the Remuneration By-Law, 2018-145. Additional roles for which Councillors are compensated include:

  • Chair of the Finance and Administration Committee,
  • Chair of the Audit Committee,
  • Chair of the Operations Committee,
  • Chair of the Community and Emergency Services Committee,
  • Chair of the Planning Committee and
  • Member of the Planning Committee – other than the Chair.