Audit Committee

The Audit Committee hears presentations and receives correspondence and reports from the Auditor General and the City of Greater Sudbury’s External Auditors.

The Audit Committee shall be responsible for the following objectives:

  • To review and approve the external auditors’ annual work plan.
  • To review the annual Audited Financial Statements and the annual Audit Findings Report and approve the external auditors’ annual Audit Plan.
  • To review the Auditor General’s reports and annual work plan.
  • To conduct an annual review of the Auditor General’s office.
  • To review matters included in the Auditor General’s mandate.
  • To study topics or issues referred to the Committee by Council resolution.

Chair: Councillor Deb McIntosh

Vice-Chair: Councillor Mike Jakubo

Committee Members:

  • Councillor Mark Signoretti
  • Councillor Robert Kirwan
  • Councillor Mike Jakubo
  • Councillor Deb McIntosh
  • Councillor Fern Cormier


View the current and previous agendas and minutes for the Audit Committee.