Audit Committee


The Audit Committee provides oversight to the Auditor General and the work of the City of Greater Sudbury’s external auditors.

Councillor Role

To hear presentations and receive correspondence and reports from the Auditor General and other City staff regarding audits, the wrongdoing hotline and the City’s enterprise risk management processes.


  • Mark Signoretti, Ward 1
  • Pauline Fortin, Ward 4
  • René Lapierre, Ward 6
  • Deb McIntosh, Ward 9 (Chair)
  • Fern Cormier, Ward 10 (Vice-Chair)

A minimum of five and a maximum of seven Members of Council. An external advisor may be appointed by Committee to augment the knowledge, skills and experience of Committee members.

Time Commitment

The Audit Committee typically meets four times a year, on the same days as the Finance and Administration Committee at the end of each quarter.


Yes – additional compensation for the Chair of the Audit Committee.