Emergency Governance Committee


To carry out all of the duties and responsibilities of Council that may be lawfully delegated, provided the following conditions exist:

  • an emergency has been declared by the Province of Ontario or the City of Greater Sudbury; and
  • Council is unable to achieve quorum.

Councillor Role

To carry out all duties and responsibilities as necessary.

Should any action be necessary prior to the ability of Council to achieve quorum, the Emergency Governance Committee is authorized to direct the Chief Administrative Officer to take such action.


  • A minimum of three and a maximum of any six Members of Council.
  • The Committee shall elect a Chair.

At least three Councillors shall be necessary to achieve quorum for a meeting of the Emergency Governance Committee.

Time Commitment

The Emergency Governance Committee will meet as necessary and carry out its mandate only during the time of the declared emergency or until a quorum of Council can be achieved, whichever is earlier.