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Greater Sudbury

Garbage Collection

Service Levels

Municipal garbage collection is limited to the low density residential sector (6 units or less).

Municipal garbage collection for the high density residential sector (7 units or more) is by agreement only. For further details, contact the Solid Waste office at 3-1-1.

Municipal garbage collection for residential units within multi-type properties is by agreement only.  For further details, contact the Solid Waste office at 3-1-1.

Municipal garbage collection is not provided to the Industrial, Commercial & Institutional sector that produce large quantities of garbage.  Please contact a private waste collection company listed in the Yellow Pages under Rubbish Removal.  A user pay system is available for small quantities (3 bags or less).  (471 kb pdf)  For further details, contact the Solid Waste office at 3-1-1.

 Garbage Collection Basics

  • Please call City Services at 3-1-1 for your solid waste collection schedule.  Collection schedules are not posted on our website.

  • The garbage limit is currently 2 approved units. Any combination of two approved units is permitted per week.

  • Leaf and yard trimmings will not be collected as garbage.

  • Garbage placed in non-approved garbage containers will not be collected. Do not use cardboard boxes or grocery bags as garbage containers.

  • April 1st to November 30th:
    Place your household garbage at the curb no earlier than 5:00 a.m. and no later than 7:00 a.m. on your collection day.

  • December 1st to March 31st:
    Place your household garbage at the curb anytime after 8:00 p.m. the evening prior to your collection day and no later than 7:00 a.m. on your collection day.

    If you have wildlife in your area, only place your garbage at the curb or roadside by 7:00 a.m. on your collection day and not the previous evening.

  • Please make sure your garbage is at the curb by 7:00 a.m. as pick-up times may vary occasionally without notice.

  • Place your garbage in a visible location on the ground as close as possible to the roadway, but not on the sidewalk, travelled roadway, on top of snow banks or in an area that would interfere with road or sidewalk maintenance crews.
  • The only exception to using a recyclable cardboard box as a garbage container would be for the disposal of broken glass containers. Close and label the box "BROKEN GLASS".

  • All loose material such as saw dust, cooled fireplace ashes etc. must be placed in a garbage bag.

  • Liquids will not be collected as garbage.

  • Pet waste - place in your regular garbage. Properly wrapped in absorbent paper and placed in a sealed, leak proof bag, mixed with your regular garbage. Quantities should not exceed 10% by volume of your garbage bag or can.

  • Waxed cardboard is not recyclable and should be flattened and placed in an approved container.

Approved Garbage Units

Approved Garbage Container

When purchasing a garbage container, please ensure that all the following specifications are met:

Approved Garbage Container

  1. Firstly, that the capacity is not more than 133 litres/35 gallons.

  2. No taller than 95 centimetres/3.1 feet.

  3. No wider than 60 centimetres/2 feet.

  4. With handles which are set above the midpoint on both sides of the container.

  5. With a lid that may be easily and completely removed (any device used to tie down the lid must be completely removed prior to collection).

  6. Weigh no more than 18 kg/40 lbs.

Approved Garbage Bag

When purchasing garbage bags, please ensure that all the following specifications are met:

  1. The bags are no more than 125 centimetres/4.1 feet and no less than 80 centimetres/2.6 feet in height.

  2. The bags are no more than 90 centimetres/3 feet and no less than 65 centimetres/2.1 feet in width.

  3. Weigh no more than 18 kg/40 lbs.

Do not use white, clear or grocery/retail bags. 

Approved Garbage Bundle

Approved Garbage Bundle

Bundles of garbage (i.e. carpeting, wood with nails removed) must be securely tied, no more than 1.2 metres/4 feet in length, 60 centimetres/2 feet in width, and weigh no more than 18 kg/40 lbs.

Sorry, no bundles of non-waxed cardboard will be collected as part of the garbage collection service.  Please recycle.

Approved Waste Storage Container

A registered owner of a property to which residential curbside waste collection services are provided by the City may purchase a TyeDee Bin waste storage container and receive collection services from the container provided that:

  • The container is placed on the resident's own property no further than six feet from the edge of the road.

  • The resident's/property owner's address is clearly marked on the container.

  • The container is completely accessible to the collection crews (i.e. not locked; not buried in snow or ice etc.).

  • The container is never placed in a location to impede road maintenance work.

  • The container is kept clean and in a sanitary condition.

  • The container is in good state of repair (this also means well painted).

  • The area around the container is kept clean and in a sanitary condition.

  • The waste stored in the container must be placed in approved waste containers.

Please provide the City with a two week notice that you will be making use of a TyeDee Bin to store your residential waste. We will then add your address to our collection list.

Approved Waste Storage Containers Info Sheet (222 Kb)

TyeDee Bin Original
TyeDee Bin Original

 Inside - 46" Width x 30" Height x 24" Depth
Overall - 49" Wide x 35" High x 28" Deep
160 lbs.

TyeDeeBin XL
TyeDee Bin XL

 Inside - 58" Width x 30" Height x 24" Depth
Overall - 61" Wide x 35" High x 28" Deep
200 lbs.

TyeDee Bin Contact Information: 

Toll Free: 877-387-BINS (2467)

Garbage Collection Tips

Keep bears away:

Consider keeping your garbage in airtight containers inside your house, garage or shed . Place your garbage at the curb or roadside by 7 a.m. on your collection day and not the previous evening. Plastic garbage bags alone do not provide protection from bears, birds and other animals. Consider placing bagged refuse in an approved garbage container. Regularly washing containers with a strong smelling disinfectant can help reduce odours.

Be Bear Wise - What You Can Do

Preventing maggots:

Maggots are fly larvae and occur when flies lay eggs on organic waste. They typically have a 7-day life cycle with fluctuations depending on temperatures and other conditions such as moisture. Maggots are more common in warmer temperatures. To prevent maggots from occurring we have to prevent mature flies from laying eggs in the waste container by eliminating odours and reducing their access to the container.

Flies are attracted to the odour of rotting food. Sanitation is important to reduce this odour. Your waste container should be cleaned regularly using a solution of borax/water or vinegar/water or a mild soap.

Remove all residual liquid from the bottom of your container after collection to detract flies.

Line the bottom of your container with paper products such as crumpled newspaper, boxboard, fibre egg cartons, take-out trays or greasy pizza boxes to absorb liquid and prevent material from sticking to the bottom of the cart. Odours can be reduced by sprinkling your container with vinegar or baking soda.

Store your container in a well-ventilated area.

Cover your container with black plastic sheeting such as a garbage bag during the summer months to trap heat and reduce fly survival. Flies are most active at average temperatures of 20 - 25ºC and become undetectable above 45ºC and below 10ºC.

Sprinkle rock salt or lime inside the cart as a further preventative measure.

Place your container out for collection every week, even if it isn't full.