Garbage Bag Tags

If you have to put out more than the weekly bag limit of household garbage, you can buy garbage bag tags. There is no limit to how many extra bags you place at the roadside as long as the bags over the weekly limit are all properly tagged.

The cost is $10 for five tags.

Buy residential garbage bag tags online.

You can also buy them at all Citizen Service Centres, Greater Sudbury Public Library branches and the following retail stores:

Tags are subject to availability. Please phone ahead.

  • Food Basics: 1800 Lasalle Blvd., Sudbury - 705-566-8464
  • Home Hardware Hanmer: 5085 Hwy 69 North, Hanmer - 705-969-7000
  • Kwik Way: 13 Serpentine Rd., Copper Cliff - 705-682-2300
  • Lagace's Confectionery: 621 Notre Dame Ave., Sudbury - 705-674-3264
  • Marc & Cora Convenience: 2361 Bancroft Dr., Sudbury - 705-586-2011
  • Melvin's Variety: 400 Melvin Ave., Sudbury - 705-671-2751
  • Metro: 3140 Hwy 69 North, Val Caron - 705-897-4958
  • North West Lumber/Home Hardware: 3299 Errington Ave., Chelmsford - 705-855-4573
  • Real Canadian Superstore: 1485 Lasalle Blvd., Sudbury - 705-560-4961
  • Variety Plus Confectionery: 1355 Falconbridge Rd., Sudbury - 705-566-8822

How to use a garbage bag tag

Make sure the garbage is in an approved garbage bag, approved bundle or approved garbage can.

Using a bag tag on a garbage bag

  • Secure the top of garbage bag. 
  • Secure the bag tag around the neck of bag. Do not use tags as a twist tie. 
  • Make sure the full tag can be seen. 

Using a bag tag on a garbage can

  • Do not place the bag tag on the garbage can itself.
  • Place the tag on the top bag inside the garbage can.
  • Make sure the tag will be clearly visible when the collector removes the lid. 
  • You only need one tag on the top bag for the entire container to be collected as long as it weighs less than 18 kilograms/40 pounds.

Using a bag tag on a garbage bundle

  • Bundles must be securely tied (e.g. with string/ twine). 
  • Attach tag to the string/twine so that it is easily visible.
  • One tag per bundle is required.
  • Make sure the full tag can be seen.

Please Note:

  • Do not use white, clear or grocery/retail bags. 
  • Garbage bag tags cannot be used for garbage that does not fit in a front-end garbage container.
  • Do not use tags for recycling, hazardous waste or leaf and yard trimmings.
  • We will not accept garbage with torn tags.
  • You must bring garbage that can’t be bagged, placed in an approved garbage can, or properly bundle to the landfill.

How to use a Residential Garbage Tag info sheet (PDF, 288 KB)