Approved Garbage Containers

Approved garbage bags

Use garbage bags that:

  • Are between 80 to 125 cm (2.6 ft to 4.1 ft)  in height 
  • Are between 65 cm to 90 cm (2.1 ft to 3 ft) in width.
  • Do not weigh more than 18 kg/40 lbs.

Do not use white, clear or grocery/retail bags. 

Approved garbage bags and bundles info sheet (PDF, 586 KB)

Approved garbage bundle

Make sure that bundles of garbage (for example carpeting and wood with nails removed) are:

  • securely tied
  • not longer than 1.2 metres/4 feet 
  • not wider than 60 centimetres/2 feet 
  • do not weigh more than 18 kg/40 lbs.

Bundles of non-waxed cardboard or leaf and yard trimmings will not be collected as garbage. Please recycle.

Approved garbage cans

If you are storing your waste in a garbage can for pick up please make sure that: 

  • It is not more than 133 litres/35 gallons.
  • It is no taller than 95 centimetres/3.1 feet.
  • It is no wider than 60 centimetres/2 feet.
  • It has handles that are set above the midpoint on both sides of the container.
  • It has a lid that can be easily and completely removed.
  • Any device used to tie down the lid is completely removed before collection.
  • It does not weigh more than 18 kg/40 lbs.
  • All garbage inside your container must be placed in a securely tied bag.

Still not sure about your garbage can? Check out our approved garbage containers info sheet (PDF, 644 KB)

Approved waste storage container

If you are a property owner that has waste collected by the City you can buy a TyeDee Bin waste storage container and have your garbage picked-up from the container.

Property owners can apply for the Animal Resistant Waste Storage Container Rent-to Own and Subsidy Program to help alleviate the upfront costs of purchasing an approved waste storage container.

Not sure what an approved waste storage container looks like? Read our approved waste storage containers info sheet (PDF, 222 KB) to learn more. 

If you decide to have your waste picked up from a TyeDee Bin, please call the City at 311 and let us know. Give us two weeks’ notice. We will add your address to our collection list.