Acceptable Bags, Bundles and Containers

All approved bags, bundles and containers must not weigh more than 18 kg/40 lbs.


  • Intact compostable paper leaf and yard trimmings bags.
  • Bags should not be overfilled. The top must be rolled down to create a handle for the collector.
  • It is best to bag materials when dry to reduce weight and moisture damage to the bag.
  • We will not accept leaf and yard trimmings in plastic bags, nor will we collect leaf and yard trimmings as garbage.


  • Bundles of leaf and yard trimmings must be securely tied with natural twine or string. They must not be more than 1.2 m/4 feet long and 60 cm/24 inches wide.

Reusable Container with Label:

  • The Leaf and Yard Trimmings Container Label is a sticker that may be placed on an approved container dedicated to leaf and yard trimmings only.
  • This option is ideal for residents who place small amounts of leaf and yard trimmings at the roadside on a frequent basis.
  • No bag or liner should be used inside this container.
  • Get more information on the Leaf and Yard Trimmings Container Label (PDF, 523 KB). 
  • Call or live chat with 311 to get your FREE label today!


An unlimited amount of leaf and yard trimmings will be collected every other week, on your regularly scheduled collection day.