Multi-Unit Residences

The City of Greater Sudbury only collects garbage from multi-unit residences if there is an agreement in place and an annual fee is paid.

Multi-unit properties are grouped into what is known as a high density residential sector. It is made up of residential buildings that have more than six units that people rent for longer than one month. These can include:

  • apartment buildings
  • condominium complexes
  • townhouse complexes
  • row housing
  • co-operative housing complexes
  • mobile home/trailer parks

Information for Property Owners/ Managers

Waste collection agreements with the City are divided into three categories—Curbside, Otto Carts and Front End Containers - based on how the waste is collected. 

Set up a garbage collection agreement

You will need to enter into an agreement with the City which will:

  • Outline the services that the City will provide under set terms and conditions.
  • Outline your obligations as a property owner.

If you are interested in setting up collection at your multi-unit property, please contact 311.