Lake Water Quality Program

In order to accurately assess the water quality of the lakes in the City of Greater Sudbury, it is necessary to collect long-term monitoring results to detect trends in water quality.

The Lake Water Quality Program has the mandate to address the problem of eutrophication of our lakes and to promote the creation of stewardship groups on individual lakes.

The goal of the Lake Water Quality Program is to improve and protect the quality of the community's surface water  through lake water quality monitoring and with the assistance of volunteer activities of lake residents and watershed residents. Our objectives are improve the ecological health of our lakes, maintain healthy fisheries and support the creation of many more lake stewardship groups.

Program Information

The inception of the Lake Water Quality Program was a response to two concerns in the wake of amalgamation of the new City of Greater Sudbury; who was responsible for the lakes, and the overall health status of the City's lakes.

Monitoring Programs
The water quality monitoring program tests approximately 30 lakes for phosphorus levels. More detailed summer lake sampling is conducted on approximately 15 priority lakes.

Shoreline Home Visit Program
The Shoreline Home Visit Program is a complimentary, confidential, and one-on-one waterfront property owner(s) contact program, designed to advise residents of healthy shoreline living practices.

Water Gatherings and Living with Lakes Forum
Informs the community of the current year's program achievements, showcase the efforts of the lake stewardship groups and answer any related questions that residents may have.