Meet the GOVA Family!

More reliable, easier to navigate and improved Greater Sudbury transit routes and schedules.
Gova: Low floor, accessible buses on new routes and new schedules. Providing high frequency service on the city's most travelled routes to the most popular destinations. All bus routes will connect with high frequency service at major and local mobility hubs in Sudbury.
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Gova zone: Connects residents in less populated areas of the city with conventional bus routes at local mobility hubs in surrounding communities.
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Gova plus: Improved transportation options for persons whose disabilities prevent travel in conventional transit vehicles
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Connecting Greater Sudbury

The GOVA family of transit services is a better way to travel in your city. It offers seamless connections from neighbourhoods to popular destinations on conventional buses, connections with bus routes in less populated areas of the city and specialized transportation for persons with disabilities.

Every bus has an exterior bike rack, so you can even cycle to your nearest bus stop and GOVA on your way!

We have used citizen feedback to improve Greater Sudbury's transit service. We will continue to listen to make local public transit even better!