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Procurement Opportunities

Procurement opportunities posted after March 29, 2019 can be found through bids&tenders, a convenient, electronic tendering platform that will allow you to review tenders and submit bids and proposals online. 

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Vendor's Demonstration Sessions

Vendors requiring information and/or assistance with bids&tenders or would like to book a demonstration may contact Stephanie Rocca, Purchasing Agent at (705) 674-4455, Ext. 2130. A vendor demonstration video is available for viewing at:


Cooperative Purchasing

The City of Greater Sudbury, along with other public sector organizations (currently: Cambrian College, Collège Boréal, Laurentian University, Rainbow District School Board, Conseil scolaire catholique du Nouvel-Ontario, Sudbury Catholic District School Board, Counseil scolaire public du Grand Nord de l’Ontario, Greater Sudbury Utilities, Health Sciences North, and Science North) are members of the Sudbury Regional Buying Group. Member Agencies realize savings by combining individual requirements and seeking bids for larger volumes of goods and services. If the City of Greater Sudbury participates in these procurement opportunities, they will be posted on bids&tenders.ca

Notice of Participation in Buying Groups

This posting is a public notification that for the year (2021), the City of Greater Sudbury, including Pioneer Manor, Greater Sudbury Fire Services, Greater Sudbury Paramedic Services, the Greater Sudbury Police Services Board, Greater Sudbury Public Library Board, City of Greater Sudbury Community Development Corporation, Greater Sudbury Housing Corporation and Sudbury Airport Community Development Corporation, intends to participate in one or more procurements conducted by the following buying groups:

  1. MGS – Ministry of Government and Consumer Services: www.doingbusiness.mgs.gov.on.ca
  2. OECM – Ontario Education Collaborative Marketplace: www.oecm.ca
  3. Metrolinx: www.metrolinx.com/en/projectsandprograms/tpi/tpi.aspx
  4. Local Authority Services (LAS): www.las.on.ca
  5. Police Cooperative Purchasing Group (PCPG): www.oacp.on.ca/careers-policing-links/police-cooperative-purchasing-group-pcpg
  6. Mohawk Medbuy www.mohawkmedbuy.ca

Archived Tenders

Tenders posted on the City’s site prior to the move to bids&tenders will continue to be submitted through the current process.

Have questions about the current process? Read more about the process on our bidder's information page.

Tenders and Request for Proposals

Contract ISD19-81 Tender for the Supply and Delivery of  Trees Brady Street, Sudbury, ON  P3E 3L9  (address of the “City’s Purchasing Section” referenced in this Notice).

Closing Date: April 11, 2019
Closing Time: 1:30pm
(Eastern Standard Time)

Notice of Procurement – Contract ISD19-81
Procuring Entity Contact Information:
Description of the Procurement: 
Contract ISD19-81 Tender for the Supply and Delivery of  Trees
Brady Street, Sudbury, ON  P3E 3L9  (address of the “City’s Purchasing Section” referenced in this Notice).
Tender documentation may be downloaded free of charge from the City of Greater Sudbury’s (the “City”) website at www.greatersudbury.ca/tenders/ or may be picked up at the City’s Purchasing Section for a non-refundable fee of $11.30 ($10.00 plus HST).  The City shall not be responsible for any notices and/or related Tender documentation not accessed directly from the City.
Unless otherwise stated herein, all capitalized terms in this Notice derive their meaning and usage from the City’s Purchasing By-law, which is available on the City’s website at https://www.greatersudbury.ca/city-hall/by-laws/.
Goods or Services to be Procured: 
The City of Greater Sudbury (the “City”) requires the supply and delivery of trees for the City’s Forestry Section. The Goods shall, in all respects, be in compliance with the Specifications attached to this Bid Solicitation.
The City of Greater Sudbury, c/o Purchasing Section, 2nd Floor, Tom Davies Square, 200
Bid Submission Address and Closing Date:
Bids shall be submitted in a sealed envelope or package using the completed address label sheet provided by the City to the City’s Purchasing Section no later than 1:30 p.m. (our time) on Thursday, April 11, 2019.  It is the sole responsibility of the Bidder to ensure that its submission was received by City’s Purchasing Section.  Submissions received late will be automatically rejected.
Opening of Bid Submissions:
Bids will be opened at the City’s Tender opening meeting on the closing date provided above at 2:30 p.m. on the 1st Floor in Committee Room C-13A at Tom Davies Square, 200 Brady Street, Sudbury. Results will be posted to the City’s Tender web page http://www.greatersudbury.ca/business/tenders-purchasing/tenders/ within three (3) business days of the Tender opening.
Communications with the City:
All communications with the City for this Bid Solicitation shall be in writing through the official point of contact, Dave Barrett, Purchasing Coordinator.  Verbal communications are not binding on the City.
Bidders shall not contact any other persons including Members of Council, City employees or consultants retained by the City for this Bid Solicitation, which may result in disqualification from bidding on the current and any future Bid Solicitations. 
Bidders must review the Tender documentation and promptly report to the City and request clarification of any discrepancy, deficiency, ambiguity, error, inconsistency or omission contained in the tender documentation.  To facilitate comprehensive responses, Bidders are encouraged to email their questions or clarification requests as soon as possible and no later than 12:00 (noon) on Thursday, April 4, 2019 to tenders@greatersudbury.ca or by fax to (705) 671-8118.  Nothing in this notice obligates the City to respond to any question or clarification request.
The City of Greater Sudbury (the “City”) requires the supply and delivery of trees for the City’s Forestry Section. The Goods shall, in all respects, be in compliance with the Specifications attached to this Bid Solicitation.
Term / Schedule / Delivery
The term of the Contract to be entered into pursuant to this Bid Solicitation shall be for a one (1) year term, commencing upon award, until April 30, 2020, with an option to extend, at the sole discretion of the CGS, for four (4) additional one (1) year terms. Pricing must be firm for the duration of the first year of the contract (until April 30, 2020). Extensions will be at the City’s sole discretion and, at the same terms and conditions, subject to negotiations of fees not to exceed the CPI, all items (Ontario) for the previous 12 months.  This will be confirmed thirty (30) days prior to the end of each contract year.
  • Should the City be looking to procure additional trees species, not found within these items, the City may request a quote from the successful Bidder listed in this Contract, in order to determine if they can best meet the needs of supplying the City with that item.
  • The City reserves the right, without penalty, to supplement the order of trees from other suppliers if the Service Provider(s) is unable to respond in a timely manner.
Year 1 Date of Award to April 30, 2020
Option 1 May 1, 2020 to April 30, 2021
Option 2 May 1, 2021 to April 30, 2022
Option 3 May 1, 2022 to April 30, 2023
Option 4 May 1, 2023 to April 30, 2024
The option to extend the Contract for four (4) additional one (1) year periods will be at the City’s sole discretion, subject to satisfactory performance and in accordance with CPI, all items (Ontario) based on the previous twelve (12) months.
Time will be of the essence with respect to the provision of the Goods or Services described herein.
Procurement Method:
The City’s selection of Supplier(s) for this Bid Solicitation will be based on an evaluation against set criteria rather than price alone.
Negotiations may occur where Bids received in response to a Bid Solicitation exceed the Council Approved Budget or if the Lowest Compliant Bids from two or more Bidders are identical in Total Acquisition Cost or unit price.  
The procurement will not involve electronic auction.
Submissions are required to be submitted in English only.

All Tenders and Request for Proposals are to be dropped off at the
Purchasing Section at Tom Davies Square, 2nd Floor
For more general information, contact the department at:
705-674-4455 Extension 2497 or 2501 or
email tenders@greatersudbury.ca